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Looking for party games to play with your friends? Are you developing a local multiplayer video game? This site's for you.

As the name suggests, is a site dedicated to local multiplayer video games, which means “games that can be played by two or more people in the same physical location” (if you can come up with a better definition, we’re all ears). 

The site was created by Lorenzo Pilia in summer 2013, after a presentation he gave at the A MAZE. Indie Pop-Up titled Two to Four is the Magic Number. It currently features a list of local multiplayer games for touch screen devices and a selection of articles about local multiplayer from all over the web. More content will be added in the future.

Together with Sjors Houkes, Lorenzo is currently busy organising Join – 1st Local Multiplayer Summit, to take place in Berlin on August 9, 2014.

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