A big list of local multiplayer games released in 2014

A big list of local multiplayer games released in 2014

There have been several articles describing 2014 as the year of local multiplayer, most of them focusing on the same small bunch of games that get mentioned every time people talk about the "local multiplayer renaissance”. We know there are many other local multiplayer games being made all around the world, so we’ve decided to compile a more extensive list of local multiplayer games released* in 2014, for the following reasons:

  • To show that local multiplayer is still alive and kicking
  • To give much needed visibility to games made by smaller developers that you might have missed during the year
  • To give you a list to refer to the next time you’ve got friends coming over and don’t want to play the same games again

So, without further ado... here's our big list of local multiplayer games released in 2014! It's a public Google spreadsheet because that's the easiest way we could think of to share this amount of data so that it can be browsed, searched and exported. If somebody wants to do some visualisations (most common number of players, country distribution...), that would be fantastic!

We’re aware that we’ve missed some games, in certain cases we couldn't find basic details about certain titles so we just gave up (pro tip if you're doing games: always have a presskit() on your site). If you have a game in mind which you think should be on this list, please use this form to let us know!

The list has been compiled by Lorenzo Pilia with precious contributions from Sjors Houkes and GoPlayThat, and it's licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

* Note: When talking about video games, it's become quite difficult to define what “released” means. So we decided to include any game we could find that has been made available to the general public in one form or the other during the course of the year, no matter if it’s the result of a jam, a prototype, alpha, beta, early access and so on. We’ve also included games released in 2013 or earlier that added local multiplayer support in 2014 (e.g. Nuclear Throne) or that were released on new platforms/Steam in 2014. You can find more details in the Notes column. The only games which we ended up not including are the ones which have been shown at selected events only and are not available to the general public yet (e.g. Push Me Pull You, Musclecat Showdown, Dog Park).