Touch Screen Games

A list of local multiplayer video games for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android / Windows 8 smartphones + tablets and other touch screen devices.

This is a list of local multiplayer games for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android / Windows 8 smartphones + tablets and other touch screen devices. The list is irregularly updated, so check this page again from time to time as more games will be added. 

Badland (iOS + Android)
Bam Fu (iOS + Android)
Battle Dots (iPad)
Bloop (iOS + Android)
Bounden (iOS + Android)
Centrifeud (iPad only)
Chicanery (iOS)
Circulets (iOS + Android)
Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet (iPad)
Count Battle (iOS)
Equator (iOS)
Finger Battle (iOS)
Fingers Party (iOS)
Fingle (iPad)
Flick Champions HD (iOS)
Flight Control HD (iPad)
Forget-me-not (iOS)
Friendstrap (iOS + Android)
Fruit Ninja HD (iPad)
Gentlemen! (iPad + Android)
Glitch Tank (iOS)
Greedy Bankers vs the World (iPad)
Heads Up! (iOS + Android)
Justin Smith's Realistic Summer Sports Simulator (iOS + Android)
King of Opera (iOS + Android)
Lap Uranus (iOS)
Lub vs Dub (iOS)
MetaSquares™ (iOS)
Mini Mix Mayhem (iOS + Android)
Minotaur Rescue (iOS)
Mucho Party (iOS + Android)
Multiponk (iOS + Android)
Mystic Marbles (iOS + Android)
No Brakes Valet (iOS + Android)
O — yes that's the name of the game (iPad)
Olo (iOS + Android)
Omicron / Omicron HD (iOS + Android)
Orbital / Orbital HD (iPhone / iPad)
Osmos (iOS + Android)
Pinwar (iOS + Android)
Rakete (iOS + Android, not truly a touch screen game but it's too good not to mention)
Ready Steady Bang (iOS + Android)
Recurse (iPad)
Retro Racing (iOS + Android)
Ring Fling (iOS)
Shot Shot Shoot (iPad)
Slamjet Stadium (iPad)
SLAP! (iOS + Android)
Slingshot Racing (iOS + Android)
Soctics League (iOS)
Spaceteam (iOS + Android)
Space Chicks (iOS)
Spelltower (iOS + Android)
Spin Wars (iOS + Android + Windows 8)
Super Line Rush (iOS + Android)
Tap Happy Sabotage (Windows 8)
Terraria (iOS + Android)
Tiny Wings HD (iPad)
TNNS (iOS + Android)
Tug the Table (iOS)
Ultimate Fighting Bros (iOS + Android)
VS. Racing & VS. Racing 2 (iOS)
Word Race (iOS)
Wrestle Jump (iOS)